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Morphosis by Framesi

Morphosis by Framesi

In this course you will learn about Morphosis by Framesi:

Morphosis reinforcing: indication, active ingredients, and how to use.

Framesi Morphosis Reinforcing Activator is a serum for the hair that fights against hair loss. The serum has been specially developed for men. The serum is suitable for men with fragile hair. The hair growth is strengthened and therefore the hair gets a great full appearance. In addition, the structure of the hair is also strengthened. The product is enriched with an extract of grape stem cells. These stem cells are good for the scalp and they stimulate hair growth. The vitality of the hair is enhanced thanks to the hydrolyzed extracts of lettuce and walnut. The serum is free from allergens, parabens, and sulfates.

Morphosis densifying: indication, active ingredients, and how to use.

An intensive energizing and revitalizing concentrate for thinning hair. It reactivates the micro blood circulation, nourishing the hair bulb and reinforces hair structure to promote an environment conducive to hair growth. Slows down hair loss and promotes thicker, stronger hair.

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Morphosis by Framesi  – Product Knowledge
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