Privacy Policies

Privacy and Usage Policy

The privacy of members and visitors is very important to us, and we are fully committed to maintaining their privacy and security. We do not publish or share any personal information about our visitors and members except in cases of legal request and in accordance with the law, and also to develop our services or when we protect our rights. The reason we receive user information is to enable us to provide services through our site to our end users. Such information includes, among other things, information that enables us to identify our customers and to deal with them in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws, such as information required to enable our users to enter into a legally binding agreement. on our site frequently such as the user name and password, as well as the e-mail address that is used to manage the user’s account, especially in those cases when login names and passwords are forgotten, and information that enables us to deal with the customer; as the preferred payment method, and information required to provide services to our customers; e-mail address, physical address, and mobile phone number, which are all used to send receipts, invoices, and money.