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in community pharmacy with training videos in the following areas


We have covered and prepared all medications that pharmacists need to review their knowledge. In addition and in cooperation with the international offices in the world, we are continously committed to provide all the knowledge about any new medications invented in the world.


TPP arranges with the international offices in the world to prepare a ready educational videos to community pharmacists. We believe that alone we can do a great work but with all experts in the world we can achieve a differentiated success.

Soft skills

TPP covers all the training materials that pharmacists need to be skilled enough to provide more sustainable pharmaceutical services.

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A unique platform for training pharmacists, the platform holds a database, all invented in the form of videos. The platform is intended for all groups of pharmacists, whether they are studying or who possess years of experience in community pharmacies. The videos are produced in a smart way that gives the subscriber the most essential information about all pharmaceuticals and medical cosmetics and professional skills that are regarded with advancing the level of pharmacist training in the community pharmacy sector shortly and simply.